Training Education and Facilitation 

A specialist in facilitation, education and training, working with diverse organisations and peoples, training is developed or tailored to complement organisational specific needs.   Up to date case studies and relevant judgements are facilitated together with group work applicable to the workplace setting especially specialising in anti-discrimination (equal opportunity law), human rights, how to work with exceptions under relevant Acts and exemption applications. 

'Race' Relations, Culture, Identity and Systemic Discrimination  

Linking cultural immersion, difference, ‘race’ and discrimination with the laws (both State and Federal), training is developed and delivered using a range of principled approaches in direct consultation with the client.  Training on systemic discrimination will bring about a range of outcomes linking organisational values with the core services provided by the organisation.  Although ‘race’ relations is an expertise, the intersections across all relevant characteristics are included within the training or research. 

Mentoring and Grievance Handling

Mentoring, advice and support to aspiring and developing leaders and managers, are proven skills and expertise. Mistakes or conflict by those involved in bullying, harassment, discrimination or other workplace grievances are also offered. Principles of natural justice and due process in the style of delivery is central to offering one-to-one, group, contact officer or complaint (also known as grievance officer) learning and development.  If required, mentoring is offered as part of but only following the resolution of the grievance.

Mediation and Confidential Investigation

Skilled and knowledgeable with expertise in facilitating difficult situations so that they are resolved quickly can mitigate risk, prevent litigation and produce more productive workplaces.  Offering practical and confidential independent investigations or assisting managers, and grievance officers to resolve matters quickly, practically and in the best interest of all parties as well as post investigation to help manage and implement what has been decided is an added service on offer.  

Policy Development and Implementation, Writing and Systemic Research (Impact Assessments) 

Drafting policy or frameworks or assisting on – action plans, analysis, change and diversity strategic plans, discussion papers, grievance procedures (especially anti-discrimination/equal opportunity programs, workplace relations and strategic areas of focus), surveys and reports or providing comment on existing work to link up with organisational goals or stand alone, are all commissioned as part of the service. A committed approach and experience in working with diverse organisations and professional roles to clearly communicate and assist them roll-out and implement an agreed strategy practically, is part of the integrated service provided by Indigo.     

Recruitment Assessor and Panel Member 

If you are recruiting and need a trained assessor to manage the recruitment process including independent panel member, assessment, writing the report and managing all aspects such as liaison with applicants, referee reports and drafting interview questions/ presentations or similar, an around the clock project timeline and service is available to the organisation.