As well as assisting organisations to undertake systemic research (also known as substantive equality) of a sensitive and confidential nature, one-to-one, team, leader and peer-group coaching is also provided to individuals involved in harassment, discrimination, vilification, bullying and its prevention.  

Projects, research and training include:  

  • The driver training and licensing system was completed together with the Department of Transport WA. A driver’s license is often considered necessary to access essential services, and has proven to affect a person’s ability to obtain employment, keep significant appointments, events and/or settle in a new countryThe barriers facing those residing in regional and remote areas are far more acute with limited opportunities to meet the requirements for obtaining or renewing a license. A specialist workshop was also designed and delivered for the Department of Transport – Champions group.  
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  •  Increasing accessibility and a more culturally secure practice framework for clients of the Disability Services Commission.  Recommendations required few resources which centered on increasing the level of access commensurate with the needs of the client.  
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  •  Work with the WA Police saw significant and meaningful changes to the way ‘persons of interest’ are reported to the media – greatly reducing stereotypes. The changes received praise from communities who themselves are often the subject of heightened prejudices.   

All of the above organisations including the design and delivery of ‘Cultural Diversity in The Court Room’ provided to Supreme Court Judges, and many more diverse organisations have been trained by Cathryn Groves.